LAD has been wonderful in introducing the art of dance to my daughter.  I was looking for a studio that is well respected, reasonably priced, friendly, and welcoming.  I found all of those things and more.  My daughter looks forward to her class each week and is so loved by Miss Lisa and other staff members!  I look forward to watching my daughter grow with this wonderful group of teachers.
Andrea Nesbitt

I adore Lititz Academy of Dance for too many reasons to count. Though I’ve never felt like a customer or a client, for this studio and its students and parents are a FAMILY, I am very particular about customer service and welcome reception. Leslie Barr, the office manager, is very communicative and so incredibly helpful. The teachers are very concerned for both the physical and emotional welfare and growth of their charges, and Lisa Kalinowski, is bar none, the most positive, encouraging, inspiring teacher I’ve ever met. Both of my daughters adore her, and they agree on little else!

My girls are still quite young, but I’ve been to enough classes, rehearsals, and recitals to know that technique, professionalism, and positivity are taught at this school. Opportunities are plentiful for those who wish to challenge themselves and grow within the world of dance. But those who are looking to take a class once in a while, those who do not possess traditional dancers’ bodies, those who are not necessarily the most gifted dancers, are just as welcome, just as encouraged and attended to, and just as loved.

My oldest has danced since the age of 3 and began her tenure at LAD in 2007 as a temperamental, demanding child, who often refused to dance and never sat still. I was often at my wits’ end with her, but Lisa always let her know that she was loved and valued. She came back for a second year largely because of the time Lisa spent with her (and she wasn’t even her teacher at the time). When she recently took a year off to pursue other activities, both Lisa and Leslie encouraged her desire to explore, and when she decided to return this year, she was welcomed back with much excitement and many hugs.

My youngest just turned 7 and will be starting her fourth year of dance classes in the fall. She is an outgoing child who has made so many friends at LAD, and is ecstatic to finally be old enough to take multiple classes. She would honestly spend every day there if she could because she loves everything about LAD.

I hope this letter has conveyed that the instruction, teachers, and the supportive environment that LAD both emanates and fosters is incomparable. It develops beautiful strong dancers but just as importantly (in my opinion) nurtures our children’s inner beauty, confidence, and uniqueness.
Michelle Luther

When I came to Lititz Academy my junior year of high school I was taking a personal risk. I was entering a dance family that was already so close, and I knew how girls could be at this age. I was a nervous wreck before my first day of class. I only vaguely knew one other girl in the class that went to my high school, but the rest were unfamiliar faces. When Miss Lisa introduced me to the class, I was taken aback by the warm greetings I received. Almost instantly, mostly everyone let me into their hearts and by senior year I felt like I had known these girls my whole life.

In the two years I was at Lititz Academy my dance teachers challenged me more than I had ever been challenged before in my 10 years dancing. I also began to love dance for dance itself more than I ever had because I was dancing for a studio where everyone loved and respected one another. Through my dancing at Lititz Academy, Miss Lisa taught me to have more confidence and finally made me believe that being a good dancer doesn’t mean you needed to have the small figure of a prima ballerina. Finally here, I was good enough.

The confidence and passion the atmosphere of Lititz Academy showed me has influenced the way I live my life today. Miss Lisa offers her students many opportunities to be choreographers and influences creative minds among her dancers, which encouraged me to be a dance teacher at my University. Beforehand, I was nervous to be in the spotlight, but I realized from Miss Lisa what I am capable of and enjoy teaching dance classes at my school. Additionally, this past Spring 2014, I studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. While abroad, I took an African Dance class, and was not timid to try a new style of dance. African Dance proved to be one of the most exhilarating and intense dance styles I have ever tried, and I never would have been courageous enough to be surrounded by something so different if it wasn’t for Lititz Academy.

My plans for the future are to graduate in Spring 2015 with a Neuroscience B.S. from Susquehanna University. I then hope to be accepted into a Naturopathic Medical program with an emphasis in Women’s health. I want to always keep the spirit of dance in my life because it has shaped the person I have become and has given me confidence and passion that allows me to take risks in life, as well as reminds me every day that I am good enough and was a member of an incredible dance family that will remain in my heart forever.
Ashlyn Zikmund

Ultimately, when choosing a dance studio, the deciding factor must be the caliber of instruction-and it was that which made us choose L.A.D. when we moved here several years ago, and why we remain. The teachers are truly exceptional-able to challenge the dancers and push them to reach their full potential. Of course, the dancers at L.A.D. consider themselves part of this family, as the director, “Miss Lisa”, manages to make each & every one of her students feel special & loved. But it is the quality and consistency of superb dance training that gives the studio the reputation is so truly deserves-not only on a daily basis, but offering master classes with leaders from the national dance community, performances throughout the entire community, sponsoring charitable events, tours to NYC-ALWAYS going above & beyond to give the students new ways to BECOME BETTER DANCERS-the fact that they become better people as a result of going to the studio & knowing Miss Lisa & her family is just an added bonus!!
Ann Schiller

Thinking back 8 years ago when my daughter first told me she wanted to be a ballerina, I went on a quest for the best place to make her dream come true. I found it at The Lititz Academy Of Dance! Seeing her thrilled to go to classes every week and her dedication to dance is all because of the love and confidence you have given her all these years. Thank you Miss Lisa and all your wonderful staff for helping her realize her dream of dance.
JoAnn Nolt 

When my daughter first expressed an interest in dance, six years ago, I began my search for the perfect dance studio in Lancaster County. I found it at The Lititz Academy of Dance. The talented teachers, supportive staff and amazing artistic director (Lisa Kalinowski) made us feel welcome from the first day we walked into the studio. I am so thankful to have found such a supportive, nurturing and creative group of positive role models for my daughter. This year my son will be joining the studio family, and I could not be happier.
Erica Wentzel

Lititz Academy of dance is a studio unlike any other. Not only is it a phenomenal dance school, it is also a place of comfort, friendship, and fun. Miss Lisa’s school gives students a great dance education, while also allowing them to be themselves and enjoy their time there. It has been almost two years since I have left the studio, and it is still my home. Anyone who takes classes and becomes part of the family realizes just how blessed they are to have Miss Lisa and her school in their life. I have searched far, and there is still no place like home.
Julie Willenkin
2007 LAD graduate

My name is Elizabeth Lausch and I am currently a Temple University Modern Dance Performance Major. During my high-school years, I came in contact with the Lititz Academy of Dance. Since I was eight, I had been dancing with other schools and companies all over the area, and I was refreshed to finally come across a studio that knew exactly what I was looking for: a technically strong, professional, artistic academy in a loving and kind environment. At the Lititz Academy of Dance, the dancer is made to feel welcomed and loved, unlike at many other dance studios. Every individual student that is a part of this community has a name as well as a soul, and is not made to feel as if he or she is just another body. On an artistic level, this studio also offers great opportunities in assistance, Jr. Teaching, and choreography. This is when students who show they are mature enough as well as show strong and hard work in class are asked to do anything from help out one of the full time teachers in class, to having a class of their very own.

The Lititz Academy of Dance has offered me, personally, a place to release all of the stress and negative build-up of the day. This studio is where I came, and will continue to suggest that new and experienced dancers come to have fun, learn very strong technique, and learn to dance with every fiber in their soul. This studio is amazing; this studio is my home.
Elizabeth Lausch

When Lizzy came to Lititz Academy of Dance she was a little bird with a broken wing. Several months earlier she had been humiliated. Her tap teacher was incensed when Lizzy could not attend a dance competition. In her anger this teacher instructed the other students in the class to demean and diminish Lizzy. In her anger this “teacher” modeled and promoted bullish behavior, a trait never accepted by real teachers. In retrospect this nightmarish incident was a stroke of luck, as Lizzy’s dad and I were forced to find a better, kinder situation for our daughter.

Our search found us at the door of LAD where Lizzy felt she needed to “audition” as her self-esteem was tattered and torn. The moment Miss Lisa met Lizzy and Lizzy met Miss Lisa a match-made-in -heaven was born. Not only had Lizzy found an outstanding and talented artistic dancer, she found a loving friend, a role model, and a hero. Lisa smiled softly as Lizzy apologized for her lack of skill and experience, and assured her that she was a perfect fit.

Lisa is a teacher first and addresses the needs of her students first. Like most master teachers she realizes that the subject matter (dancing) will follow if the children are happy and confident. Before Lizzy began classes at the studio, Lisa talked to her other students and reminded them of acceptable behaviors toward each other. The girls were as warm and welcoming as Lisa and several life-long friendships began.

Lizzy has grown into a beautiful dancer and more importantly into a beautiful, caring, and confident young woman. She has been accepted into the Rockette Summer Intensive training program and PA Governor’s School for the Arts. She was invited to dance a self-choreographed solo for her senior class at baccalaureate. Currently she is a Dean’s List freshmen modern dance major at Temple University’s Boyer College of Music and Dance. Thanks to Lisa, Tony, Leslie and everyone at Lititz Academy of Dance, Lizzy has a wonderful future ahead of her.
Jody Lausch

My daughter, Jillian, a graduating senior, has been with the Lititz Academy of Dance since its foundation 5 1/2 years ago. I have been completely satisfied with the studio and Jillian’s dance experience. Each year she has continued to be challenged, her dancing has improved and she has enjoyed the many hours she spends at the studio. Undoubtedly, what makes the Lititz Academy of Dance special is its founder and director, Lisa Kalinowski. Of all the things that Jillian has accomplished through dance, it is her tremendous relationship with Lisa that I am most grateful for. Lisa has been an unbelievable mentor and loves her with a heart that only Lisa has. Lisa has an incredible passion for her dancers, not because she wants to create perfect dancers, but for far more valuable reasons. She is committed to creating a positive, healthy experience for each dancer, while using her expertise to challenge each to become the best dancer he or she is capable of becoming. Lisa exhibits the values, priorities, love and knowledge of dance that has given me confidence that my daughter is dancing at the best possible studio.
Denise Chieppor

We are so excited to have found Lititz Academy of Dance! Teddy started dance here about 5 years ago. She loves dance! When you walk in the door of the studio, you can feel the love from miss Lisa and all her staff. They have always treated Teddy with respect and care.

Teddy is presently taking four dance classes and plans to enroll in five next year. She has set a goal to become a junior dance instructor. After observing the close friendships the older girls at the studio have developed, I feel excited for Teddy to be part of this great learning experience.

Thank you Miss Lisa for your loving, caring and Godly presence and for being such a beautiful, positive role model.
Donald and Dru Markey

Lititz Academy of Dance is a great place for kids of all ages to learn to dance. I have noticed such a change in my daughter’s dance since the first year she was here. The teachers really care about their students and are willing to take extra time if needed to help them get better. Miss Lisa, the owner, is such and inspiration to all her students too. I am so glad my daughter is with Lititz Academy of Dance. To see the smile on her face when she comes out of class is so wonderful! Thanks Miss Lisa!
Karen Moore

My daughter has been involved with the Lititz Academy of Dance from the beginning. She started in Miss Lisa’s basement. We absolutely love Miss Lisa and the studio. My favorite thing as parent is the loving, positive way the teachers instruct the students. The teachers always encourage the students with positive comments. You never feel like your child is just one of many. Each child receives praise and encouragement. Miss Lisa always amazes me each year at recital time. She puts together a beautiful, unique show every year with a smile on her face. We recommend Lititz Academy of Dance to everyone that we know.
Nancy O’Neill

My daughter, now a senior in high school, discovered dance in 4th grade and has been dancing at the Lititz Academy of Dance since it opened its doors 5 1/2 years ago. She has spent countless hours at the studio refining her skills in tap, jazz, ballet and lyrical dance. Lititz Academy of Dance has also offered her exciting learning opportunities such as Master Classes and trips to New York City to dance with the Rockettes. But, trust me, there is much more to being part of this studio than the dance instruction! Miss Lisa mentors, encourages, supports and loves her students in a way that teaches them lessons that will last a lifetime. She teaches responsibility and commitment as she instills confidence in her dancers. She passionately shares her love of dance with a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone. She even inspired me, who at age 40 had never danced a step in my life, to take up a bit of jazz “dancing”! After two years, her energy and enthusiasm even convinced me to take part in the recital. It was an experience that taught me that with hard work, practice and encouragement you can do anything! It gave me an incredible appreciation for Miss Lisa’s dedication and patience as a teacher as well as a tremendous respect for all the young dancers who perform each year on stage! I cannot imagine my daughter’s life without dance, and she does hope to continue dancing in college. It will be new and exciting for her to be dancing in Pittsburgh! However, I know that Miss Lisa will remain in her heart always, and I am certain she will be happily returning to Lititz Academy of Dance whenever possible in the years to come!  Miss Lisa will welcome her with open arms, a huge smile, and a sense of belonging. That is what makes Lititz Academy of Dance such a special place!
Janice Estabrook

Lititz Academy of Dance – a caring, loving, respectful environment where my 2 daughters spent / spend many happy hours learning and fine-tuning their dance skills. For both of my daughters, dance is their sport of choice. As a mother, I feel so good that they spend their time in an environment that holds everyone to the same standards of respect, commitment, and discipline while doing something they love to do. Lisa and her studio have been such a positive influence in their lives. She is such a beautiful person, talented dancer, and teaches all that is good in the dance disciplines. We love her and all she represents!!!
The Connors family

Our daughter’s experience with Lititz Academy of Dance has been and continues to be (now in her 6th year) the most positive happening in her daily life. With quality dance instruction, as well as variety; camaraderie with fellow dancers (there are no divas here); teaching opportunities and just plain fun this atmosphere has helped her become the fine, strong and healthy young adult that she is today. Kudos to Miss Lisa and Staff……..
Ellen and Kevin St. Cyr

This wonderful academy has provided our daughter with a place to go and learn how to dance in a safe, nurturing, and professional environment. The motivation and desire to improve oneself is there without the unnecessary competition that often times leaves students feeling defeated. Miss Lisa has succeeded in establishing an atmosphere where the dancers can excel in their practice while at the same time develop meaningful relationships with their fellow students and teachers. The academy has provided our daughter with numerous opportunities to perform in recitals, community events, and holiday concerts benefiting the needs of others. Being able to perform for family, friends, and community members in a non-competitive environment allows the students to focus on the pure enjoyment of dance while sharing it with others. Our daughter has excelled in her dance practice. She loves going to the academy and being greeted by Miss Lisa and the other hard-working teachers who are always smiling and enthusiastic. Miss Lisa is a beautiful and talented dancer who has used her gifts to make the Lititz Academy of Dance a very important part of our daughter’s life.
Susan Veronis

The Lititz Academy of Dance is like no other dance school in the nation. The reason is simple. It is not possible that any other school can instill more confidence, positivity, and respect for others, than that provided by Miss Lisa and her wonderful staff. And those qualities are not taught by strict discipline and forced obedience as in many other schools, but rather they are taught by positive example. And those qualities are not transferred just to the dance students but also to their parents. Come to a dance class and observe the children. You will be smiling. Every child is cared for with respect and fairness. Miss Lisa is truly amazing. Not only will she be totally involved with your child with regards to dance, but also on a personal level. She knows every child and in many cases, the child’s parents. And the children get to know Miss Lisa. Not just as a dance instructor, but also as the wonderful, sincere, caring person that she is. She is so outstanding, she will make you feel good that your child is exposed to her and her school. She is not only an outstanding business owner, involved heavily in the community, she is also the type of teacher that you’ll wish that you had when you were in school. And the type of person that you want your child exposed to. In fact, everything she does and says is nothing less than stellar when it comes to childhood psycho-social development. There’s not one bad thing that can be said about Miss Lisa, her staff, and the school. Except maybe that at every annual recital, she makes everyone get choked up and cry with a deep sense of inner accomplishment and joy for the experience that their children have had during the past year(s). Miss Lisa…Thank You.
Matt Willenkin

Being a teacher does not mean throwing material at students and expecting them to pick it up. It means taking the time to actually help them along through the difficulties and frustrations that can accompany learning. If more teachers (dance and other) would take lessons from Miss Lisa and the other teachers that my daughter has had over the past 6 years at Lititz Academy of Dance, the entire student population would excel! LAD is truly a place where a child (or adult) can go to feel as though they are learning the technique needed for dance, as well as, the freedom to make mistakes but keep on going. The teachers hard work and dedication to their craft is passed on to the students. Their love of dance and words of encouragement to each student is something that is truly appreciated and recognized by the families of LAD. What a great place to have your child want to go to 3, 4 or 5 days of the week. They are in a safe, warm, loving, encouraging, fun environment while learning that working hard toward your goals is a good thing. If they become eligible for the dance company Co-Jo Motion, they learn that dancing to benefit others, for the shear joy of loving to perform, is truly a wonderful thing!
Deb Perkins

Lititz Academy of Dance. My top 10 reasons why I love the place:
10. My daughter gets to learn to dance and be with her friends.
9. My child is quiet and gets a chance to be noticed and loved for being her.
8. A child gets a chance to be part of something bigger–the recital, different dances and helping those who are less fortunate in life.
7. The learning environment is centered around positive reinforcement, respect and a sense of family.
6. The more experienced dancers help you see what you can become if you work hard and challenge your body.
5. The studio is very friendly, clean and nice to dance in.
4. A child who stays with the program can evolve into a wonderful dancer and teacher.
3. Every child is noticed in a positive light which fosters lots of fun and learning.
2. The recital, with all the different costumes and dances at the end of the year is awesome!!!!!
1. Miss Lisa has a very unique gift of being able to inspire ANY child to reach beyond their abilities and love to dance. If in our lifetime, if we all were lucky enough to have a teacher like Miss Lisa the world would be a better place. She inspires me when I watch her teach my child–the love she shows and skills she teaches are endless. It makes me want to learn to dance.
Thank you, Lititz Academy of Dance.
Tanja O’Connor

My daughter was not quite 3 years old when she saw one of Miss Lisa’s preschool classes at the studio in October 2002 and decided she wanted to dance. She has been dancing here ever since. I am still amazed at the incredible patience and enthusiasm Miss Lisa has for even her youngest dancers. She makes learning to dance fun! My daughter has also had the opportunity to be taught by Miss Stefanie and Miss Michelle and has thoroughly enjoyed those classes as well. This year my son, now 3, will begin classes with Miss Christine. Lititz Academy of Dance instructors truly love to teach and they care about their students. We look forward to many, many more years at the studio. While my daughter may choose not to become a professional dancer, I am positive that the confidence, poise and encouragement to reach for the stars that she receives at Lititz Academy of Dance will help her succeed in any career that she pursues.
Alissa Booth

Lititz Academy of Dance