Studio Policies

Lititz Academy of Dance 2016-2017 Studio Policies

These policies are meant to enhance the studio experience for all concerned. They are in place to safeguard the interests of both the student and the studio. Please take the time to read thoroughly and keep for future reference. LAD reserves the right to change this policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes to the Studio Policies and Dress Code will be posted online and in the studio.


The studio director and instructors will determine the proper level classes for each student. Dancers are placed according to the level of technique they can demonstrate in various disciplines. Students learn and progress at different rates, and this is further affected by factors such as class attendance, participation, effort and attitude. Please note that teaching methods and standards vary greatly from school to school. For reasons such as these, the number of years a student has danced is not the deciding factor. Each student will be placed in classes which ensure optimum growth.


Lititz Academy of Dance wishes to maintain a professional, yet family-friendly studio environment. We encourage all students to be supportive and respectful of fellow dancers and their family members. Excessive talking or other misbehavior will not be tolerated and may result in the student being asked to observe class instead of participating. All students must respect the structure and teaching style of all instructors.

The studio must be kept neat and clean. Dancers are expected place items in the dance room closet cubbies. Students must be sure that trash and water bottles are thrown away and all personal belongings are taken home at the end of each class. NO GUM IS ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO OR LOBBY!

Students are to use the restroom before class, dress according to the LAD dress code, and silence all cell phones. IF late for class, please knock before entering studio.

Lititz Academy of Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen items! We highly recommend labeling your child’s dance shoes and apparel. Parents and students should check the lost and found bin regularly. Lost and Found items are donated three (3) times a year- August, December, April. Please check bin prior to these dates.

Parents are welcome to remain in the lobby during classes. We do ask, however, that you do not distract the children by tapping on windows, taking pictures, ENTERING the classroom etc. We will designate days for pictures and videos, but please not on the first day of class, as this is extremely distracting for the children. Concentration and understanding are much easier when the class can proceed without interruption. There may be times when we will need to close the blinds so that children may focus more easily. Although we understand the need to bring younger siblings to the studio, please supervise them so that the classes and office staff are not disrupted. Children who are running or being unusually loud will be asked to sit quietly. No one should be in a classroom without a teacher present. Please do not allow children to play in classrooms. Please feel free to bring a quiet activity for them to enjoy while in the lobby.


AFTER OCTOBER 1ST, STUDENTS WITHOUT PROPER CLOTHES OR SHOES WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN CLASS. For specific class requirements, see Studio Dress Code 2016-2017.


Paxton Place is a one-way street. DO NOT STOP VEHICLE OR PARK IN THE CENTER OF THE ROAD. For safety reasons, If you are dropping off/picking up, you must pull to the curb and park before letting your dancer out of the car. Those who double-park WILL BE ASKED TO MOVE YOUR CAR.
Students should not arrive MORE than 15 min. prior to the start of class. Our instructors have many duties to tend to prior to beginning a class or may be teaching another class; therefore, they will not be responsible for any child who is dropped off more than 15 min. before class.
If you intend to accompany your child into the studio for afternoon and evening classes, please park in the designated lot behind the building. An elevator (middle double doors) will take you to the front of the building.


Parents need to be prompt when picking up children! Classes run back-to-back, and for safety reasons, dancers are expected to wait inside the studio until their parent arrives. Please contact the studio immediately in case of extenuating circumstances in order to notify your child and her/his teacher. Please leave a message if no one is able to answer the phone. If your child is enrolled in one of the last classes of the day, a late pickup fee of $10 will be imposed after 15 minutes. Each additional 15 minutes, $10 will be charged. Our staff members have families that they need to tend to as well. This is absolutely not to generate income for the studio, but rather to encourage parents to pick children up on time.


Regular attendance is mandatory! A dancer’s progress is directly related to strong attendance. A dancer must participate 45min of an hour long class/30 min. of a 45 min. class to be considered present for that day’s class. Excessive absences from weekly classes may require a student to be moved to a lower level class. If a student misses a class, it cannot be made up. There are no refunds or pro-rating for classes missed due to personal vacations, illness, schedule conflicts, or terminations during the month. If students cannot participate due to injuries, we ask them to attend class anyway so as to be able to observe, learn choreography and receive teachers’ verbal instructions. Students are to arrive for class on time.

  • For our Combo Classes (Preschool): If 3 or fewer students attend class on a given day, the class will be held for 30 minutes.
  • See ANNUAL RECITAL section for details



Tuition is due by the 1st of each month and is late ON the 5th. Late fees on accounts are an automatic function of our computer software and posted to accounts unpaid on the 5th of each month. Tuition late fees are $12. IF MAILING PAYMENT; payments must be postmarked by the 1ST to Lititz Academy of Dance 2016-2017 to be considered on time. Accounts more than 2 months in arrears will be frozen and the student WILL NOT be allowed to participate until account is brought current. Payments may be handed to an employee at the desk, dropped in the payment box inside the studio by the 4th, or postmarked by the 1ST OF THE MONTH to:
Lititz Academy of Dance
620 Paxton Place
Suite 107
Lititz, PA 17543

Please do not hesitate to contact our Office Manager, Leslie Barr at 560-4000 or email if you have any questions regarding your account.

Tuition Schedule: Tuition is calculated on the entire dance year (September-May). This yearly tuition rate is payable in nine (9) equal monthly payments: At Registration, September 1st, October 1st, November 1st, December 1st, January 1 (2017), February 1 (2017), March 1 (2017) and last payment on April 1 (2017). If joining the studio in September, your yearly tuition will be payable in eight (8) monthly payments due Sept-April.

Annual Payment Note: For those who would like to pay the year’s tuition in one lump sum, you may pay for your year and receive a 5% discount if paid in full by Friday, July 15, 2016. Please note that to receive the 5% discount, all payments must be received or postmarked by July 15, 2016. Annual payments must also INCLUDE THE REGISTRATION FEE in addition to the discounted tuition.
A fee of $35 for all returned checks.
Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Payment reminders are only sent as a courtesy to all studio families via Constant Contact Email System. It is the families’ responsibility to have a current email address on file and to make full payments on time. Reminders are not mailed. Hard copies can be found in your family file, located across from the desk.


If you wish to discontinue a class, YOU are responsible for letting the studio know in WRITING the class you wish to drop.
If you have already paid annually, refunds will be given only up until October 1, 2016. No cancellation fee will be charged. We will accept new students until this time. After October 1, 2016, no refunds will be given. All monies will be forfeited, and cannot be used as a credit or transferred to another account.
For those paying in monthly installments, you will be charged for the entire month in which you drop. In addition, a $45 per registered class cancellation fee will be charged to those who withdraw from a class AFTER OCTOBER 1, 2016.


In case of inclement weather, please call the studio at 560-4000. WE DO NOT GO BY ANY SCHOOL DISTRICT CLOSINGS. To check on cancellations for morning classes, please call after 8:30am. To check on the status of late afternoon / evening classes, please call after 2:30pm. If no message is on our voicemail, you can assume that classes are still on. However, we urge you to use your own judgment before venturing out in questionable weather. Classes cancelled by the studio due to bad weather or teacher illness will be rescheduled.


Our 2017 Spring Recital will take place in May. Recital details, along with dress rehearsal dates, will be announced in September 2016. Recital participation is encouraged, but NOT MANDATORY. We recommend parents and dancers seriously consider the financial and time requirements necessary to engage in a professional dance recital, which will be two days. This includes: excellent class attendance* including mandatory rehearsals, costume/shoe and ticket purchases, and a lengthy dress rehearsal(s) at the auditorium. Due to scheduling constraints, dress rehearsal may take place on a school night. A Commitment Contract will be sent home with Costume Deposit information (see below) in October. Before committing to performing in the recital, students and parents must agree to commit to Dress Rehearsal (still being able to leave when student’s final number is over) and recital (ENTIRE SHOW), as well as other studio rehearsals. These dates are few, and given months in advance. All must agree to follow backstage and performance rules. With the exception of our youngest dancers (Pre-K / K) having the option of leaving at intermission, dancers must stay in dressing room area for the entire show. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE DURING THE SHOW. All of these guidelines are for the safety and well being of all. Parents must notify teachers no later than October 15, 2016, if your child will not be participating in the recital.

Excellent attendance is crucial for the recital. After January 1st, any student absent from a given class for three weeks in a row may not be eligible to perform that class’s dance in the Spring recital. In addition, students may not miss more than 6 classes of a given class after January 1st in order to perform in the recital. This policy, as with all policies, is at the discretion of our staff. Parents will remain responsible for any remaining balances of those costumes, and no refunds will be given for tuition or costumes.


Students participating in the recital will be committed to purchasing a costume for each class performance. Certain costumes required a specific shoe. These requirements will be announced after January 23, 2017.
A deposit of $50.00 per costume will be due by to October 15, 2016. There are no refunds on costume deposits after this date. Costume balances are due by Wednesday, February 1, 2017. A $12.00 late fee will be applied if payment is received after Wednesday, February 1, 2017.
The studio will be open during office and studio hours for payment drop-off (check website for hours). No exceptions.
Studio teachers will hand out costumes as they come in. Once they are in your possession, you are responsible for them. Students are not allowed to wear costumes for any non-studio performance prior to the recital. Lititz Academy of Dance encourages its students to perform at school shows, however, use of current costumes for talent shows is forbidden due to the risk of damage and/or loss of a costume or accessory. Students are encouraged to use past costumes for those performances.


It is very important that parents know what is happening throughout the year. Studio newsletters, announcements, and reminders can be found on our website at There will also be copies available in the studio. Each family has a folder which contains pertinent information. Families are asked to check their folders and the studio bulletin board at least once a month. If your child is absent 2 or more weeks in a row, please call us so that we do not worry about you! You may also receive a call from our office to check on your dancer.
Monthly emails and reminders are send via Constant Contact. Please inform us if your email address has changed during the year.


All choreography used for performances are the intellectual property and creative work of LAD. Use of choreography without verbal or written permission by the instructor is prohibited. This includes performance, videotaping and distribution online posting (YouTube and Facebook, etc.) and photography used for advertisement.


Practice Cd’s will be available containing dancer performance music for $1. Orders must be placed in advance. Please see Miss Leslie or Miss Michelle if interested. Cash payment and CD is due with order.


Private and semi-private lessons are available at limited times. Private lessons are $25/half hour; Semi-private lessons for 2 dancers are $20 per person/ half hour.


CoJoMotion Dance Company is Lititz Academy of Dance’s Dance Company. This “by invitation only” company is for the most serious of dancers. We wish for CoJoMotion to serve as both a springboard to college or professional dance companies as well as an opportunity to serve our community and philanthropic causes through our beloved art of dance.

Lititz Academy of Dance