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 It’s hard to put into words the positive impact this studio has had on our daughter who has danced there since she was 4. As she goes into her Junior year, we are incredibly thankful for the amazing team of talented teachers who not only focus on proper technique but who also are the most incredible and beautiful role models for their students. LAD is a safe place for our daughter to go and to always feel welcomed. The teachers are constantly encouraging inclusiveness, kindness, leadership, generosity, and empathy which truly makes the studio a second home. The life lessons that are learned through dancing are immeasurable and the growth we have seen over the years both on and off the stage are credited to being “raised” in an uplifting and loving dance environment. The students are constantly challenged to reach their full potential in dance and to carry over the lessons taught in the studio to their everyday lives. Watching the studio persevere through the pandemic was inspiring. They did everything they possibly could to keep the students dancing while at the same time following the health guidelines to keep everyone safe. Whether it was zoom classes, social distancing dancing or other fun dance challenges, LAD made it a point to engage with their students. Our family has many years of memories at LAD and we are so blessed to be a part of the studio family.

Gretchen Appleby

My name is Eve Cruz, most will know me by Evie, and I am in the high school graduating class of 2023. I have been dancing at Lititz Academy my entire life and through the years, I have fallen in love with not only the art, but also the experiences, friendships, and life lessons I have gained by being a part of this dance family. The teachers are truly some of the most kind, caring, and nurturing people I have ever met. They teach all ages and always manage to come up with incredibly creative dances that are always on level for each dancer. The teachers always have the best in mind for each dancer and carefully consider every little detail from class placement, to dance song, to costumes and so much more. These teachers are so inspiring in how much effort they put forth every day. They truly work incredibly hard to create a loving and nurturing environment for anyone who chooses to walk through the front doors. The amount of love and care is incredible with not only having shows to highlight each dancer's progression through the year, but also having shows and fundraisers to help our community. The studio is constantly giving back to the community and that is all because of the hard work of our amazing teachers. This is going to be my 15th year dancing and learning to dance has been such a privilege and a blessing. I have learned perseverance, hard work, how to self-correct, how to love myself, and countless other valuable life lessons. When enrolling with Lititz Academy you are not only learning how to dance but also learning how to cheer on others, uplift yourself and learn how to strive for greatness.

Evie Cruz

We joined the Lititz Academy of Dance family (almost) 15 years ago when our oldest daughter was just shy of her 4th birthday. From the moment we walked through the doors on Ruby’s first day, we knew we made the best choice for a dance studio for our daughter. Four years later, just shy of her 4th birthday, Ella joined the dance family and more recently in the last two years, after blending our beautiful family at home, our youngest two daughters followed in their footsteps and joined the studio family. The atmosphere, the teachers, the students, the office staff, the love poured into this studio from Miss Lisa and Tony, truly amazing. LAD is our daughters home away from home. The friendships they have built along the way, the teachers they admire and stive to be like, and the beautiful families we have been blessed to meet on this journey are more than we could have hoped for when we walked through those doors almost 15 years ago. Even after 14 recitals, I am still the mom crying in the audience through so many of the beautiful pieces performed – even when my daughters aren’t on stage – this is a dance family where you grow to love, support, and cheer for all of the girls you meet along the way. It truly is a family built with love and respect, not only for the art of dance, but for one another.

Lisa Sanders

Lititz Academy of Dance has not only become another home, but it’s also where I’ve learned to grow. Every time I walk into class, I gain a new experience, whether it’s laughs with my class, a challenging combo, or inspiring insight from the incredible teachers. When I’m older and will look back on the things I've accomplished, attending Lititz Academy of Dance will be one of my proudest accomplishments, for without the studio, I wouldn't have as many amazing life-lessons and memories.

Sidoney Freeman

This studio has changed my life immensely. I was uneasy with performing and even talking and making friends, but Lititz Academy of Dance showed me that it’s ok to be different. I never felt that way before, but the support I felt from the teachers and students allowed me to step out of myself and try my best every time I was dancing. The teachers have pushed me and taught me so many lessons, inside and outside of dance. The students at the studio are the most welcoming and supportive people I’ve ever met, and are now some of my closest friends. I have an insane amount of respect for everyone involved at the studio for how they are able to tend to each of our needs as individuals, always making sure no one feels left out or uncomfortable. This studio is the reason I fell in love with dance and started working for it because I was told I could. I can finally communicate my feelings without holding back, whether that be through words or physically through dance. I’m forever grateful I found this studio, and it allowed me to find myself.

Lila Bauer

We began with our Lititz Academy of Dance family about six years ago when my daughter was four, to say it was love at first sight is an understatement. Our time with the academy has been filled with teachers who have introduced the art of dance, while teaching technique, and modeling with grace. LAD has given my daughter self confidence that I could never be able to properly thank the teachers enough for. The culture is that where everyone is encouraged, loved, and smiling is contagious. I am so grateful that we have a dance studio that fosters a love of dance, creates memories to last a lifetime, and develops the potential of all their dancers

Katie Keister

We feel blessed to have found Lititz Academy of Dance! As a now “dance mom” who grew up with 20 years of dance training - countless competitions, professional workshops, collegiate dance team, and more - having a daughter who showed a love for dance at a very early age made my heart so happy. When it came time to find a local dance studio, finding the RIGHT ONE was very important to me. I can say - without any reservations - LAD was exactly the right choice for us! Foundational ballet skills are key and a loving and accepting environment is the highest priority. In an art form that traditionally sets unhealthy and judgmental expectations, whether it be regarding one’s body or comparisons among classmates, LAD breaks this mold! Solid performance technique is never compromised, yet ALL DANCERS, no matter the age or ability level, are appreciated, accepted, and loved! Watching the LAD performances always ignites so much nostalgia within me, but best of all, is to see our daughter’s progress and knowing dance will forever have a special place in her heart - just like her mom - thanks to Lititz Academy of Dance!

Sarah McBee

Lititz Academy of Dance is so much more than a dance studio. It’s a place where girls are accepted and embraced for exactly who they are, where they are! In 2020, my daughter was in a lawn mower accident, making her right foot, and part of her left. In 2021, she underwent a surgical revision, and spent a number of weeks in a wheelchair. LAD not only teachers Harper dance skills, but more importantly, CONFIDENCE! By allowing her to participate in her wheelchair for 6 weeks, Harper thrived! She was able to talk about her accident, her recovery, and her new physical appearance with a group of teachers and friends who rallied around her the entire time! For our family, ballet and tap are important—- but not nearly as important as feeling brave in your own skin! For Harper, LAD has given her a place to grow in her physical and emotional recovery from her accident, all while participating in an activity that she loves!

Lyndsay Gardner

I have been calling Lititz Academy of Dance my second home for almost 14 years now and I wouldn’t trade any second of it for the world. The minute you walk through the studio doors you are greeted by the sounds of laughter and the beautiful voices of the teachers who know it is of utmost importance to make your children feel at home while receiving phenomenal dance training. This studio strives to build a family of dancers who care and cheer for each other, teaching not only the art of dance but also love for one another. It truly is my second home.

Joy Singer

Lititz Academy of dance is a studio unlike any other. Not only is it a phenomenal dance school, it is also a place of comfort, friendship, and fun. Miss Lisa's school gives students a great dance education, while also allowing them to be themselves and enjoy their time there. It has been almost two years since I have left the studio, and it is still my home. Anyone who takes classes and becomes part of the family realizes just how blessed they are to have Miss Lisa and her school in their life. I have searched far, and there is still no place like home.

Julie Willenkin – 2007 LAD Graduate

"I just wanted to say again how great it was to work with your studio last week. Your hospitality made me feel right at home, and what a beautiful facility you have! I was thoroughly impressed on all accounts. Also, and please pass this along to your girls, the level of excellence and preparation your students demonstrate shows your studio to be one of the best I have ever worked with. Their ability to take direction really impressed me."

Jeff Kready of Broadway’s Tony-winning Musical BILLY ELLIOTT

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Our Mission

Provide a professional studio with the highest quality training that is also a loving "second home" for every student.

Provide both an intense program for the serious dancer as well as a recreational program for the once-a-week student.

Make every single student feel loved and respected, and to make every single parent glad he or she chose our school.