Our school recognizes and appreciates the importance of Ballet, not only as it’s own art form, but the foundation it provides to several other forms of dance, as well. We take this very seriously, bringing our students strong technical ballet instruction through concepts from traditional ballet styles such as Cecchetti and Vaganova. Body alignment, turnout, and épaulement (carriage of the upper body and head) will be taught in all levels of ballet classes. As students advance, they are introduced to both classical and contemporary styles of ballet. Ballet is a requirement for all upper level Jazz classes, as well as for all Lyrical and Modern classes. We also offer separate Ballet technique classes. Each of these non-performance classes focus on Barre or Centre Barre, and one or more of the following: Turns, Petit Allegro, Grand Allegro and Adage. Additional pointe classes are offered to those dancers whom instructors feel have strong enough technique as well as an appropriate amount of strength in the legs and the core of the dancer’s body.

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Lititz Academy of Dance